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Grow Together, Learn Forever


What is the Christ Church CofE Multi-Academy Trust?


Christian values are at the heart of everything we do. Our core aim is to provide children of all faiths and none with excellent educational provision within a caring and supportive ethos. We have at the centre of our mission and purpose the belief that every child has a right to educational excellence through the provision of high quality schooling.


The Christ Church CofE Multi-Academy Trust is built from a solid foundation defined by excellent teaching experiences and the shared values of learning, leadership, enjoyment, inclusion, inspiration, accountability and integrity.


These values are at the very core of the Trust, firmly embedded in all of our academies and embraced by our leaders, teachers, staff, parents and children alike.


The Trust is being created to provide clusters of self-determining, self-improving primary schools supported by a network of quality assured services that keep them legal, financially robust and continually improving. Whilst we will be robust in our expectations of improvement in our schools, we allow our schools and their local governing bodies to choose their own pathway to success.


The ethos behind the trust is one of sustainable school improvement; schools joining Christ Church CofE Multi-Academy Trust do so with the prime aim of improving each other so that they can all become great.


By growing and developing our team of talented leaders and teachers, we will seek to raise aspirations for all; pupils will access the very best educational provision, experiences and challenges available, ensuring that all members of our trust community actively engage in learning and fulfil their potential.


  • We expect all our schools to actively support each other and to share emergent and best practice for everyone’s benefit
  • We want each of our schools to assert and celebrate its distinctive identity within this community of academies
  • We are a registered charity, reinvesting any surpluses in our network of academies to create further benefits for all of our children


Every school and every individual is included in this vision. We actively encourage collaboration – and work as a team to create and deliver the best possible educational experiences for every pupil within the Christ Church CofE Multi-Academy Trust.

The power of partnership

Given the changing landscape of education, particularly the reduction of local authority capacity to support all schools, there is a danger that primary schools can become isolated. The multi-academy trust offers a great opportunity for primary schools to work together to develop and share practice; to provide development and leadership opportunities for staff; and to challenge each other to provide the highest quality teaching and learning experiences for all Bury children.


All schools within the Trust have access to the professional expertise and development opportunities offered by the Bury Teaching Schools Alliance. This ever-growing alliance also ensures that trust partners have access to bespoke leadership and professional development opportunities.


The Bury Teaching Schools Alliance will be available to offer further support to all schools attached to Christ Church CofE Multi-Academy Trust through a wide range of expertise, nurture and challenge, including school-to-school support as well as identifying and developing talent within those schools.

We strive for our schools to be the best that they can be

The ethos behind the Trust is grounded in strong moral purpose and school improvement. Each individual academy will constantly seek to improve on its previous best, while also accepting a collective responsibility for ensuring that all schools within the partnership are enabled to improve to become outstanding. Our trust schools are at the heart of the community they serve, offering the very best education, support and care; and an environment of aspiration, underpinned by the highest of expectations.


Together, through the Christ Church CofE Multi-Academy Trust, we aim to:


  • develop school communities where every individual can flourish and maximise their potential, and where no target is unreachable;
  • provide an exciting, inspirational curriculum, grounded in literacy and mathematics and which strongly reflects 21st century technologies;
  • raise attainment and achievement by empowering children, parents and the local community.


Together, we will strive to achieve excellence and for our schools to be the best that they can be.

Effective parental collaboration and communication

Supporting parents to be completely engaged with their child’s education is paramount to success. We pride ourselves on our collaboration and communication with parents. A firm belief in working in partnership with parents drives us to develop a wide range of ways to engage even the most hard to reach parents. This essential collaborative approach underpins the primary ethos and we feel passionate that it is not lost.


Commitment to raising aspirations beyond the school gates

The most successful schools impact beyond the classroom and into the wider school community. Schools in our trust will serve very different and diverse communities. We aim to celebrate the uniqueness of school communities while inspiring and raising aspirations for children and their families. Our trust schools will be the catalyst for whole community improvement by offering services, providing support and bringing communities together. Strengthening schools through strengthening communities is fundamental to the aims of the Christ Church CofE Multi-Academy Trust.


Christ Church CofE Multi-Academy Trust will offer the following support to our schools:


School improvement and review

Schools in the trust will access the following support for school improvement:

  • Self-evaluation health check including: analysis and evaluation of whole-school approaches to self-evaluation; support for action planning; and identification of impact measures
  • Termly data and progress review supported by the Director of School Improvement and Quality Assurance
  • Impact Team development – leaders and aspirant leaders working across the trust to analyse and identify priorities for school improvement
  • Support and training for governors
  • Headteacher Performance Management including review and setting of targets, and monitoring achievement
  • Leadership development for staff through the Trust and the Bury Teaching Schools Alliance.
  • Professional development opportunities for all staff through Christ Church CofE Multi-Academy Trust and the Bury Teaching Schools Alliance.


Financial Management

Finance and Business Managers receive support from the Director of Business and Finance, and work together as a group to develop and share practice. Schools in the trust will use a common financial management system.


Opportunity to be part of growing and developing the Trust

Through the Strategic Heads Group and regular liaison with local governing boards, schools within the trust have the opportunity to shape and grow the trust vision.


Christ Church CofE Multi-Academy Trust believes:

· Everyone has something to offer

· We are on a shared journey, being there for each other and not feeling isolated

· Trust, honesty, empathy and social responsibility are the Christian values that frame our work

· We are here for the whole person, spiritually, morally and socially

· In working with transparency and openness

This means:

· Focusing on everyone achieving their best and not just on attainment targets

· Being open to community schools if they want to join us

· Making sure we are an effective sponsor of schools that need our support, thus protecting either their church school or community status where necessary

· Being a strong voice in ‘system leadership’ and a vehicle for school to school support and being part of wider local arrangements for collaboration

· Supporting and judging schools on their context and not just on exam results and inspection outcomes

The benefits:

· Providing a real choice for schools when considering their future in uncertain times

· Giving schools the opportunity to focus on what really matters

· Building on existing strengths and potential to strengthen church ethos

· Enabling economies of scale not available to some schools


Joining us

In uncertain times, we recognize that well before some good or outstanding schools consider academy conversion, they may wish to formally collaborate with us. We welcome this first step towards full trust membership and view this approach as being mutually beneficial – the Trust increases its capacity to engage in school-to-school support and the good or outstanding school benefits from the strength of partnership associated with being part of a dynamic and forward thinking multi-academy trust.