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Grow Together, Learn Forever

Our Offer

Our offer to you

We want our schools to achieve and be the best, but we also want more than this for them.

We want our schools to live our values, and have proof of this in every day behaviours in classrooms and elsewhere. We want our schools to believe in true collaboration, to build mutual support and gain inspiration from each other.

We believe we can provide our schools with a tailored offer that recognises where they are on the school improvement journey. All schools are unique and our approach takes that into account as you join our family. Our schools work in common systems but each has a range of support individually commissioned and agreed with our Director of School Improvement.

It means we do things together and improve together, do ‘with you’ not ‘to you’ in the best interests of our children. This also means our schools need to have the courage to innovate and a restlessness to demand the best from everyone.

To meet this ambition for our schools we provide:

  • Support for leadership and governance and in developing great classroom practice
  • Earned ability to be creative, to innovate and then share within a family of schools
  • A voice in the direction and development of the Trust
  • Targeted and needs driven staff development
  • Specific resources to address the needs of individual children
  • School and national networks to drive innovation and best practice
  • A range of Trust ‘back office’ services to support schools where required
  • A range of partners commissioned to provide further support and opportunity
  • Support through the ‘project management’ phase of ‘academisation’
  • A long term capacity building approach: ‘doing with not doing to’

…and above all, a clear focus on the success and well-being of children.

Our offer to children

  • Schools which value each child as an individual
  • Schools which build character and skills through an emphasis on school values and ethos
  • High expectations, underpinned by our commitment to developing the potential all children have
  • A rich and varied school experience
  • Robust safeguarding procedures

Our offer to staff

  • Continuous professional development
  • Leadership programmes to grow future leaders –  Teaching Leaders
  • Initial Teacher Training through our School Direct Programme
  • A Trust that cares about the wellbeing of staff

Our offer to your school

  • Opportunities for Headteachers and other leaders to shape the future of their Multi Academy Trust and school
  • Monitoring and support from experienced school improvement staff, School Improvement Partners and our Peer Review scheme
  • Support from subject experts and opportunities to share good practice and resources
  • Greater room to innovate for good and outstanding schools while benefiting from working with a wider network of schools
  • Bespoke support and intervention for schools requiring improvement
  • Shared assessment procedures
  • Data management support
  • Back office support for finance, HR and legal services

Our offer to your community

  • Schools retain their identity within the local community
  • Sharing of good practice between schools
  • Encouragement to maintain and develop relationships with Bury LA,  cluster groups
  • Being part of the Christ Church CofE MAT community