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Grow Together, Learn Forever

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CofE Multi Academy Trust

Grow Together, Learn Forever

Our Ethos

The ethos behind the trust is one of sustainable school improvement; schools joining Christ Church CE Multi-Academy Trust do so with the prime aim of improving each other so that they can all become great.


By growing and developing our team of talented leaders and teachers, we will seek to raise aspirations for all; pupils will access the very best educational provision, experiences and challenges available, ensuring that all members of our trust community actively engage in learning and fulfil their potential.


The core purpose of Christ Church CofE Multi-Academy Trust is to provide every child with the very best educational experience possible. Children deserve the highest quality of learning and development and we are passionate that our children are well prepared to succeed.



Christ Church CofE Multi-Academy Trust delivers a broad and balanced bespoke primary curriculum across its schools, ensuring that children benefit from the highest standards of academic learning and a breadth of opportunities to understand and appreciate the world around them. We ensure that the curriculum is both rigorous and inspirational and covers the core academic subjects – including mathematics, oracy, reading and writing; personal development and well-being. We believe that it provides the perfect basis for a rounded learning experience and prepares children well for the future.

Alongside this we are committed to assessment for learning, ensuring that the assessment of pupils is not simply about judging and recording pupils’ attainment, but is also used to help children own their own learning and understand how they can progress further and reach their goals. We believe that learning never ends, and that how we assess children should play a big part in helping and encouraging them (and their parents) to be active participants in every stage of learning.

Our learning environments are collaborative and inspirational. We believe it is important that children’s work is celebrated publicly and that our schools are places that inspire and encourage children’s natural interest in the world around them. We recognise that technology is playing a significant role in children’s lives and will increasingly do so in their future, and our schools are committed to enabling children to become masters of technology, using it with skill, safely and in a positive way at all times.



We believe that our children should be inspired by the opportunities and the wonders within the world around them. Our children are supported to access a wide range of arts, music, sports and local culture. From learning a new musical instrument, working with coaches from Bury Football club to visiting local museums such as the museum for Science and Industry – our children are able to gain an appreciation of what is possible through dedication and learning.

Children have a big role to play in identifying their individual and common interests, and we run a number of after-school clubs – on areas such as arts and crafts, gardening, and cycling proficiency. This ensures that children are accessing wider learning opportunities in areas that inspire and enthuse them.

Our children are supported to think critically and develop practical skills around topics such as healthy eating, the environment and road safety. There is a big emphasis on citizenship and taking responsibility for contributing to and improving the world around us. For instance, our young leadership teams take on a number of important projects across our schools, for example, our current pupils are advising on how we can reduce food waste in our schools. Our children are also encouraged to develop their public speaking – for instance, skills through running assemblies and clubs for other pupils.


Healthy and happy children

As a trust we are deeply committed to the wellbeing of all. We believe that all our children and their families should feel welcome, supported, and confident to contribute to the life of our schools and their communities.

We are committed to spotting mental health issues at and early stage and then working with professionals with the right expertise to support children and their families who are in need. We are also committed to ensuring children’s physical wellbeing through offering a wide-range of sporting activities and through learning in areas such as healthy eating and road safety.

We want all of our children to develop resilience and adaptability – preparing them to seize the opportunities and successfully manage the challenges that await them in their lives ahead.